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Why Do Our Agents Sell Century LInk?

June 25, 2013


Why do Connectivity Source agents sell Century Link;   Because Century Link is great for business customers.  Some highlights include:

The CenturyLink Experience / Difference 

  • Owns 430,000 miles of fiber across the globe—enough to circle the Earth 17 times.

  • Connected into our 55 domestic and international data centers, as well as an additional 200 third-party data centers.

  • 40,000 buildings around the world are also directly connected into the CenturyLink network.

  • Documented uptime of up to 99.999%, our network carries more than 100 Trillion bits of data per second

  • Utilizing security practices that exceed the standards of even our most demanding customer—the US Federal Government.

  • CenturyLink the industry’s fastest growing Ethernet provider in 2012.

Uncompromising commitment to serving our customers that has compelled over 33,000 businesses and government agencies to trust CenturyLink for their network, cloud, voice, and managed services needs-including 98% of the Fortune 500.  


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