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Time Warner 2nd qtr Promo

June 10, 2013

Time Warner big 2nd qtr payout promo

Earn a bonus payout of up to 75% of MRC.

It's not too late to sign up for a special program that offers you a one-time bonus payout of up to 75% of MRC, on top of your standard commissions.

Here's how it works: Just sell Time Warner Cable Business Class bundles featuring our Business Class Phone product with Internet Access and you will hook some bonus cash on each qualified sale. 

This program ends June 30, 2013, so book your orders now to qualify for the SPIFF!

Why sell Time Warner Cable Business Class?

Carrier Diversity: Provide your customers with a diverse network infrastructure independent of the telcos, with our wholly owned and operated network.
Scalability: Find the right solution for your clients with higher Internet throughput speeds and high-capacity alternatives to traditional copper-based services.
Reach: Benefit from our strong national coverage, plus leverage our base of "lit" buildings to increase sales opportunities.
Reliability: The high reliability and low cost of support for our products help increase sales, all backed by locally based support staff.
Simplicity: Let your customers experience the ease of simplified billing, with one provider for all their services.


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