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Old KEWL stuff

Founded back in 2001, Connectivity Source has been apart of many changes within the telecommunications industry.  As the industry changed and grew, so did our company.  This page is just a place of some of the old cool marketing pieces that we have done throughout our history. 

Next time you talk to us,  be sure to mention what your FAVORITE old advertisement was.

2012-  Advertisement campaign we did jointly with Time Warner cable.  Connectivity Source - "helping good agents become better ones since 2001".  Click on the TWC LOGO below to see the PDF postcard campaign .postcard


2011 - a New advertisement campaign to recruit new partners started in Jan of 2011.  We ran this in Telecom Gear magazine and on their website at This was created by Barbara Schneider at BVS Design. 


2002 - One of our old classic 30 sec radio spots - (get your hand out of the Car Door)  ran on Radio Stations back in 2002.  This spot was created by Winfield and Associates marketing and advertising agency based out of Raleigh NC.  919-861-0620. 

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