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Hosted Product Solutions

Below is a list of our Hosted Product Offerings, both Full Service and (BYOB) bring your own Bandwidth

Full Solutions Options

  (Complete Hosted)


  • Convergence: Offers your business a combination of voice, internet, and networking services
  • Decreased Costs: With Hosted VoIP and Data, you can eliminate capital expenses of a phone and data system.  Plus, Windstream handles the installation and maintenance, which further reduces your expenses.
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation: Channels alternate "on demand" between voice and Internet.
  • Voice Prioritization: Calls coming into and going out of your business always receive priority.
  • Quality of Service: Windstream leverages its secure IO network and on0premise integrated access devices to ensure the highest quality of service.
  • Consolidated Communications:  Easily connect branch offices by incorporating Windstream's MPLS Networking into your communications solution.
  • Simplify Your Communications with an End-to-End,
    Cloud-based Solution on a Trusted, Nationwide IP Network

    XO Enterprise Cloud Communications is an end-to-end, hosted solution that provides you the cost savings and productivity benefits of cloud-based IP communications on the trusted, nationwide XO Tier 1 IP Network.

    Providing IP communications services for more than 12 years, XO currently serves over 1 million business VoIP subscribers and carries 28 billion minutes of VoIP traffic per year.

    With service in 2,700 cities and 80% of the major metropolitan markets across the U.S., XO Enterprise Cloud Communications is ideal for mid-to-enterprise-sized businesses looking to extend IP communications across multiple office locations.

    The business benefits of XO Enterprise Cloud Communications: Click here for PDF  glossy

     BYOB (Bring Your own Bandwidth Options)

  (Go hosted) 


Product Overview:

Hosted Voice

Broadvox Managed Hosted Voice is truly a fully managed service that includes our Voice Control Technology, allowing us to manage and troubleshoot your voice service for you. No additional IT resources needed. Managed Hosted Voice saves you money - at least 50% over traditional telephone systems - and provides you with advanced calling features to help you work smarter and stay competitive. We offer the option to use your existing broadband or purchase business quality broadband from us to ensure true quality voice service.

Aggressive SLA's and a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee make the move to Managed Hosted Voice a reliable, risk-free, worry-free solution.

Hosted Voice Benefits

Broadvox Hosted Voice is a fully managed hosted VoIP solution that includes 24/7 network monitoring from the handset to the cloud. It's the easiest way to get optimal communications for your business for a fixed monthly price that works for your budget.

We call our product Managed Hosted Voice because, unlike a lot of service providers, we manage the service for you. Every installation includes Broadvox Voice Control Technology (VCT), a set of devices that ensures call quality and voice monitoring. So whether you use your own broadband or buy business class broadband from us, you are guaranteed a quality voice solution.

Hosted Voice Benefits Include:

  • Savings. With Hosted Voice, there is no PBX or Phone System to purchase or leased. You can move, add and change employees within 24 hours. And we estimate monthly savings of up to 50% over traditional telephony service.
  • Advanced features. Improve the accessibility, mobility, and productivity of your team with powerful IP-enabled features like Find Me/Follow Me, Fixed Mobile Convergence, and Voicemail-to-Text, Microsoft Outlook Integration and Unified Messaging.
  • Quality Satisfaction Guarantee. 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee including 4-hour MTTR.
  • Installation Guarantee. 15-Day Installation Guarantee for your Managed Hosted Voice solution if you choose to use your own broadband
  • Choice of Broadband. Use your existing broadband circuit or purchase business quality broadband from us. Either way, we ensure voice quality through our Voice Control Technology.
  • No Additional IT Investment. Our Managed Hosted Voice solution does not require additional IT resources. Broadvox takes care of everything for you, from setting up your system to monitoring latency, jitter, packet loss, and MOS scores around the clock for continuous, optimal service. SLA guarantees include 99.999% uptime, 2-hour maximum response time, and 4-hour mean time to repair.
  • Predictable Monthly Price. Our pricing is simple. We offer both fixed Employee Seats and Common Phone Seats and a choice of two long distance plans.
  • Reliable and Scalable. The private, multi-redundant, nationwide Broadvox network ensures reliability and scalability for any size business from SMB to Enterprise.
  • Business Continuity. Because phone service is hosted in the Broadvox cloud, it stays up and running no matter what happens at your physical location. Callers will never get a busy signal, and you can redirect calls in seconds from any broadband connection.
  • Avoid Obsolescence. Hosted Voice is a future-proof solution that can grow with your business. You'll never have to worry about outdated equipment or upgrade concerns. Adding new features, users, or business locations at any time is fast and easy.
  • Robust support. We are here whenever you need us. Broadvox maintains 24/7 technical support in our U.S.-based Network Operation Centers.

  (VoicePoint Complete)

Product Overview:

With our Hosted VoIP solutions we have taken out all the guess work. These plans are simple and will ultimately reduce the cost per user. Our plans make it possible for you to save money as your business grows. Choose our VoicePoint FLEX Hosted option and make the move to a brand new phone system using your own bandwidth. With the ability to provide DSL or dedicated Internet service, VoicePoint COMPLETE Hosted allows the customer to choose the bandwidth best suited for their needs.

Available Plans:

VoicePoint FLEX Hosted: you get the choice to supply your own broadband service and the equipment for use of the service including IP phones, VoIP appliance, and the power over Ethernet switch.

VoicePoint COMPLETE Hosted for DSL: you get unlimited calling in your local and expanded calling area, feature rich options, and the equipment for use of the service including IP phones, VoIP appliance, and the power over Ethernet switch(es).

VoicePoint COMPLETE Hosted T-1: you get unlimited calling in your local and expanded calling area as well as free long distance, the Integrated Access Device (IAD) for use of the service, 10 email addresses, 25 MB of web hosting storage, hunting, call forwarding, caller ID, voicemail and many other features are included at no charge.