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Local Services

Your customer's most heavily-used communications service. CSI offers 1FB's, B1's, Centrex, Local T-1, PRi's within the 48 continental U.S. and Hawaii

Local services are probably your customer's most heavily-used communications service. Businesses need a local phone numbers and calling plans that enable them to efficiently and effectively communicate with those outside of office walls.

The 2 main types of local service are:

POTS:  (Plain Old Telephone Service)  -  is the basic form of small business communication.  Connectivity Source works with all major LEC's (AT&T, Century Link, Verizon, and Qwest) throughout the United States and a majority of the Competitive Local Carriers (CLEC's) including the cable companies.  We can provide everything from 1fb's, and B1's, to Centrex.

T1 / PRI :  This is the industry standard for business.  PRI's are classified as a higher priority circuit with the telephone company and traditionally has a Mean time to repair of 4 hours.  Most major cities have a viable CLEC offering that is competitive with the local telephone company.  CLEC's tend to be regionally  focused  for example Telepacific - West Coast, Deltacom - South, Choice North East and there are a couple nationwide providers that Connectivity Source can offer as well  like XO, Paetec and TW telecom.